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55 Science Backed Weight Management Tips and How To Implement It
The Basics
Course Landscape

55 Science Backed Weight Management Tips
Keep it away from the table
Candy Crush helps with weight loss
You mind makes a big deal
Gums do help
Cold is cool
Whole is the way to choose
Small is good for cravings
The diet drink
Cold water helps
Soup to start
Java is helpful
Breakfast like a king
Chew Gum
Go Raw
Manage Your Mind
Eat sweet
Eating with focus
Write about food
Portion perfection
Do hard work
It's okay to give up
Healthy stuff around
Kids and focus
Small step a time
Be Buddha
Less processing
Take those photos
Go Public
Mindful with meat
Sleep to lose
Slow down
Watch your plate size
Before Dining Out
Snacks are good
Spice it up
Stay off Social
The plate colour
Stand Up
When to move?
Track your work
Watch your rewards
Go Out
Lift it up
Go green
Where's your buddy?
Trick for the restaurant
Watch drinks
Keep it fun
Stay away from Pollution
Be safe
180 the number

Implementation of Tips
Set a goal
Creating Habits


Our legal guys told us to include this:

This eCourse is not meant to be a comprehensive weight loss guide or diet plan. Each entry may not be right for every individual. At Manage Your Mind, we believe in providing clients with the information to make their own healthy choices based on a variety of weight loss techniques. As always, contact us or your own healthcare professional before starting any weight loss program.

You should contact a physician if you experience any symptoms of weakness, unsteadiness, light-headedness or dizziness, chest pain or pressure, nausea, or shortness of breath. Mild soreness after exercise may be experienced after beginning a new exercise. Contact your medical physician if the soreness does not improve after 2-3 days.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for any success or failure of your physique that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services.

In simple terms, it means use common sense.